Water Storage Tanks

Water is often stored in tanks. Because of our flexible production method, we are able to produce the most efficient solution for you in the form of a steel tank. These tanks can have a diameter between 1 and 32 metres and a height between 1 and 5.5 metres. Our water tanks are long lasting and are easy to install. Amongst other things, the steel plates are unique because of their ability to retain their shape and because of their mechanical tensile strength. We can also apply a particularly durable coating to the tank plates, which extends the service life of the tank to 25 years or even longer.

All tanks are fitted with a watertight lining called Aquatex®, which has been developed specifically for water storage in the horticultural sector. Aquatex® is available in a range of types and thicknesses, which are suitable for storing rainwater (clean water) and recirculation water.

To prevent the growth of algae and evaporation in a water tank, Genap supplies a wide range of cover options. The range also includes materials that have been specifically developed and which are suitable for storing water in countries with extreme climate conditions such as heat, cold and high UV exposure.